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Coit Tower Murals

I am fascinated by murals - whether they are street works or something more formal. As I was traveling to San Francisco, I read that the Coit Tower murals had recently been restored. I got to the building late in the day (note: parking is an issue in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood) and could not go up the elevator, but the lobby murals were plenty to absorb.

Coit Tower Murals_green grocer 3.jpg

The Coit Tower murals were done under the auspices of the Public Works of Art Project, the first of the New Deal federal employment programs for artists. Two of the murals are of San Francisco Bay scenes. Most murals are done in fresco; the exceptions are one mural done in egg tempera (upstairs, in the last decorated room) and the works done in the elevator foyer, which are oil on canvas. Most of the murals are open for public viewing without charge during open hours, although there are ongoing negotiations by the Recreation and Parks Department of San Francisco to begin charging visitors a fee to enter the mural rotunda.

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