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South US 101 Day Trip

Let's see, a day trip? Um, well, hellyah. The goal remains the same in this game; travel as many back roads during daylight. Los Alamos timing was perfect with only a short line at Bob's Well Bread Bakery. It's Winter here, so the outdoor seating required a big deal and a Croque Madame in the fresh air made the day. Apparently instead of flocking to Bob's WBB, the weekend explorers headed to Solvang for the marquee wine event in that town. A right on Santa Rosa Road gave me about 90 minutes of photography exploration post-lunch. Then, a stop in Solvang coincided with Restaurant Week. A good wrap for the daylight hours.

The Santa Maria river has an embankment that is reached off of Donovan Road. They are akin to the Mississippi levees that I used to explore in Baton Rouge. Usually the riverbed is dry and shades of brown. The rain is a welcome sight.

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