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Bluegrass in Lowell <JuneGrass>

JuneGrass the kind of place where the music is celebrated on the stage and tucked away among the RVs at the Lowell Fairgrounds. A favorite act was Billy Strings (guitar) and Don Julin (mandolin)...a very high-quality and energetic offering on a humid day. It is strange how things 'appear' in streaks. I spotted the Strings/Julin act as a music option last Friday (6/20) at Shorts Brewery as I traveled UpNorth, but the timing and distance from the campground in Wolverine did not work out. Then, on Sunday evening as part of the May Erlewine CD Release show in Traverse City last Sunday night, Billy Strings joined The Accidentals on stage and I was wowed by his guitar playing. In short, he was on my radar at that point. Then, I discovered the West Michigan Bluegrass Music Association festival in my hometown of Lowell on Saturday and I checked the playlist to find Strings/Julin on the evening stage. Lucky me.
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