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Yellowstone Trip - Elk was on the list

Riley, Stacy and I had a Friday to Sunday trip that covered paths through Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Yellowstone was a generally stated goal and we were open to the treats of the road. We stayed at The Lodge in Jackson Hole as the Friday night destination and the Saturday base camp. We moved North through the Tetons and worked our way around a Yellowstone road closure that added a few hours to hitting our target of Old Fathful ("Old Reliable"). We caught the 5:04 geyser (+/- 10 minutes). It erupted 3 minutes early. Car games, wildlife sightings, a hike along the rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yelllowstone and some parking lot soccer broke up the car time. Riley invited stories to be told and flipped over playing cards to determine 'the number of Likes' for each story...innovative ! Big fun and big elk.

Yellowstone Elk.jpg

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