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Photos by David Hume Kennerly

I attended a photo talk by David Hume Kennerly, a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, at the Prince Conference Center at Calvin College. It was a fascinating evening with attendance of ~50. David was a Vietnam War photo correspondent, the White House photographer for Gerald Ford and a Time staff photographer. His picutres crossed the range of political history and celebrity. This picture of Martha and John Mitchell in the Watergate era, it was pointed out, was a favorite of John F. Kennedy, Jr.

David Kennerly - The Mitchells.png

David is part of the Canon Explorers of Light series:

While I was waiting for the talk to begin, I visited the Calvin College art gallery only to find 40 original Edward Sheriff Curtis photos on display. Connections and coincidence are what make life fun. I had an inspirational Curtis print in the Lowell house bedroom for a number of years.

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