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Travel Saturday, 21Apr

I decided to spend the full day on 21Apr in Explore Mode because the hills are so green and I was curious about what might be going on in the Carrizo Plain National Monument. I had visited the south section of the Monument a couple of times but I wanted to take the time to see it in full. I started on the southside and drove north...and kept going. I ended the day at the San Miguel mission, seeing the dancing horses from Ranchos Los Santos who were there for a golden hour photo shoot.

I saw these guys first thing in the morning in Huasna Valley (which BTW does not cut through to CA 166).

This image in the Carrizo Plains is the "Dragon's Back" formation associated with the San Andreas Fault which is prominent in the Monument.

There are very few wildflowers in the Plain this year. This is near the southern entrance to the Monument.

One of the pronounced features of the Plain is the songbird backdrop. On the south side, I could hear songbirds through the open car windows.

Mr. Meadowlark.

The Soda Lake is the dominant feature in the north side of the Monument.

Near Parkfield, CA which has a Bluegrass Festival coming up.

Yep, Ground Zero for the San Andreas Fault. In the cafe, I read a brief pamphlet book on the Fault. The Pacific Plate moves north and the North American Plate moves south; therein lies the problem.

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