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Santa Cruz ++ Day Trip

I headed out early on Saturday for a quick, lovely visit with family (Zach and Monica) at the Moss Beach Distillery which is located on the Coast just south of San Francisco. I explored the Santa Cruz area as part of the trip. There was an Art and Wine festival in the quaint beach town of Capitola, complete with Hawaiian dancers performing on the festival stage. I also discovered a celebration which was a wedding or more likely a quinceañera event in Half Moon Bay with an apparent ranch theme. I saw acowboy saddle up a longhorn and take off for the center of town before returning to the event hall, where people took turns sitting on the bul l. Eclectic day.

The obvious highlight was chatting with Zach and Monica about their Labor and Delivery Class earlier in the day. They are expecting at the end of October. Really exciting. Moss Beach Distillery has a patio that looks out over a nice stretch of the Pacific Coast.

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