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San Simeon Day Trip

I left LA on Saturday afternoon and had an interesting trip north to San Luis Obispo. The weather was so good on Sunday, I wanted to continue exploration on the coast. The decision to hike to San Simeon point was the right one. The elephant seal compound is 4.7 miles north of San Simeon, but a number of the seals were on the beach right next to the pier and in some coves beyond the point. Mating season was in full view.

This is the San Simeon church with Hearst Castle in the distance.

I noticed seals lounging on beach near the pier.

Looking north towards Ano Nuevo point.

Wonderful trails among the eucalyptus trees on the first part of the hike.

Mating season on the coast

Beach beauty near the San Simeon pier.

This hawk was not fazed by people in the area.

The beach town of Cayucos is on the route to and from San Simeon. A great stop always.

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