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Italy 2019 - Lago de Como

Two nights at the Suisse Hotel in Bellagio convinced me that the decision to head North from Milano was a muse message. The trip up the spine of the pleasant peninsula that splits the bottom of Como included a pleasant surprise associated with the historic Italian tradition of mountain bicycling - a chapel and museum were located in Ghiselli. The ferry system was easy to use and took me to the neighboring town of Varnessa a couple of times, once by foot and once with my rental car. I also grabbed a day trip to Switzerland (Lugano and Lucarno) with a start on the ferry to Menaggio.

Varnessa from return ferry ride to Bellagio in the magic light hour.

Lake Lucarno from top (via funicular, gondola, ski lift). Site for one of my top ten peaceful naps.

A vaulted ceiling from the Madonna Sanctuary half way to the summit in Lucarno.

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