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WA State July 2019

The opportunity to catch some of Seattle's sights and a lot of the Olympic Peninsula recently popped up. Happily, I got to a few places on the bucket list. I visited the Olympic Peninsula 46 years ago and have looked at maps ever since with an eye on the Northwest corner of the contiguous 48 states.

I enjoyed a full (relentless) travel day the 4th of July on the WA coast, including an early stop on the Taholah Reservation. It got the day off to a great start.

A ferry ride to Bainbridge almost always should be a Day 1 Event., building appreciation of the unique character of this shipping and now tech hub.

The West Coast is what you make of it. I alternated camping and local hotels as I explored for the 4-day holiday.

I almost entitled the blog "The Wildflower Tour".

Olympic National Park includes a rainforest. I was able to hike forest and beach.

Crescent Lake had a lodge that was a throwback to the tempo and grace of earlier decades. The Roosevelt Elk above the fireplace matches the majesty of the bull that I saw crossing the road at dawn near Sol Duc Hot Springs.

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