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NJ to NYC Commuter Ferry Study

The first ferry of the day from Highlands, NJ to Wall Street and then 35th Street was a great way to see the skyline in the morning light. Lady Liberty in harbor.

Highlands, NJ at 5:45am. The pride of the fleet is Ready to Go.

The expectations around iconic shots of Lady Liberty have a high bar. I cannot rent a helicopter for the up-close head shot (impressive!). I did not know the relative route of the Highlands ferry and did not anticipate the Statute of Liberty to be the highlight. But, with echoes of political discourse all around us, the poignant moment was not ignored.

Highlands, NJ is protected by Sandy Hook National Seashore. Fisherman departs.

A crab fishing vessel.

The lighthouse at Sandy Hook.

A lighthouse where the Raritan Bay meets NY Harbor.

Parked in the harbor.

Morning light was spectacular on 31Jul as we went under the Veranzano Bridge.

Tugs were abundant and active.

Busy waterways near the Lower Manhattan terminal.

Surprising architecture on the Brooklyn side.

Manhattan power plant near Eastside Highway with One World Trade Center in the background.

There was a variety of perspectives on The Empire State Building during the roundtrip.

Surprising architecture on the Manhattan side.

...and even more surprises on the Queens side of the East River.

Just north of the Seaport, buildings go up.

Classic - the Staten Island Ferry.

Blue tug with Jersey City background.

Back at Highlands dock at 8am, a two-hour round trip.

The Seastreak near Highlands with Sandy Hook in the background.

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