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Block Island Day Trip

Appeal and opportunity collided in central Connecticut following a family visit. A Saturday day trip to Block Island from a port just 65 miles away fit like a jigsaw puzzle piece. It meant an early departure from the Marriott Courtyard which was just fine. The only two mates in the bagel shop were dressed for golf and the dark roast coffee had not be started by staff, early indeed. As a standby on the 10am ferry, I had 45 minutes to explore New London which I learned was the boyhood home of Eugene O'Neill. I stood in the sea wind for the 90-minute trip, breathing deeply.

New London will soon be the home of the US Coast Guard Museum. I know Todd Reed from Ludington who served in the Great Lakes Guard. First-rate person and who along with son Brad are great teachers in wonderous Ludington State Park.

Two-hundred foot Mohegan Dunes.

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