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France Ramp Up

In France for a Hidden Compass writing and photography workshop, I had a day and a half to walk the Le Marais district and shake off jet lag. Cafe life! The walkabout was a gentile ramp up to an extended visit centered in Paris.

Rue de Bretagne was the cross road with my boutique hotel, Hotel Vieux Saule. What luck! It was a wonderful area to start my jet lagged wandering.

The Marche de les Enfants Rouge, an outdoor market with roots traced to the early 1600's.

The building adornments made me smile when I turned the corner.

The Musee de Picasso had classic decorative figures throughout.

The innovative, elegant display of Picasso's ceramics was my favorite part of the museum visit, but the paintings and photos were of more interest than I would have guessed.

I caught the Place des Voges on the second day. The gentile use of the park was great to see.

A street scene with a long lens allowed me to quietly capture the action in this salon.

Happy Hour at one of the LGBT bars.

The classic bateaux / Notre Dame shot.

Notice the extended line on the far riverbank. Families were out in force for some sort of Harry Potter event in the purple bus

Statute of Louis VIII.

Having fun.

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