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Paris Street-Style

Out on the street in Paris for a few days was where I wanted to be when I signed up for the workshop. Five star rating feedback survey completed today.

The top floor of the Musee D'Orsay is the home to two massive time pieces, a rail station in the past. Sacre Coeur, in the distance, was the driver of this photo.

Notre Dame Response: The supports were one of the first tasks.

Cafe Life has always been an attraction for me.

Sight on a tour led by author David Downey.

Along the narrow streets.

Morning reflections.

Team meet-up spot at Benoit Chocolats offered the right options. Generational business !

I think I heard them say "Yo, dude".

Le Marais mural(s).

Discovered this setting at Musee D'Orsay closing time. Nice cafe stop next trip. I spent the bulk of the time on the upper patio looking out over the city

Many memories from 1969 tied to this Tabac. The coke tasted sweeter in Paris compared to Ann Arbor. Wanderlust cycle here.

A couscous house. I could have endured more couscous this visit.

A grand chapeau jaune on the sidewalk outside of Shakespeare & Co.. He stepped back a moment later and gave me his card. facebook/soundcloud: sora yaa band.

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