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Oaxaca, MX 2021 - Time Well Spent

After postponing for a year, the trip to Oaxaca for Dias de los Muertos came together. Robert Holmes and Andrea Johnson, professionals plus and leaders in the Book Passage travel writing and photography seminars that I have been attending in Corte Madera for a number of years, organized the trip of adventures. I did my research on Covid, booked flights, found my passport and jumped in for the 12 day trip starting and ending at LAX. All went well.

Working the crowd in Oaxaca Centro.

Pop up craft market vendor

Oaxaca celebrations.

Mezcal grand dame.

Flower farmer at height of season.

Distilling a seven-blend favorite.

Hard work during mezcal harvest.

Village Dias des los Muertos parade.

20November Market day, Oaxaca Centro.

Serendipity - Cooking at a funeral gathering. Very welcoming.

Maria Aragon Sanchez during downtown Oaxaca walkabout.

Bar Room mural near Juarez Market.

Rosario Angeles - A determined mezcal producer. A woman in a man's world. Rumbha - Doble Destillacion En Ollas De Barro, Santa Catarina Minas, MX.

Early morning light for drone views of the churches. Our tour lead that day noted a church that was built on top of a native alter / temple. The Conquest.

I like the omnipresent pavilion in the distance.


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