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Parkfield CA - ...When It Happens

Parkfield CA has a UC Berkeley Research located in town (Pop.18) because it sits atop of the San Andreas Fault. I like to visit every once in while to see how things are holding together. On the way, the San Miguel Mission (Est. 1797) is always a good stop.

This time through San Miguel, I pulled over after crossing the railroad tracks to look at this mural more carefully. A good stop.

The 23 miles over to Parkfield travels down Vineyard Valley and over the Cholame Range (pictured in the distance). Parkfield sits on the North American Plate.

Fun drone day. The Berkeley Lab electronics were worth keeping an eye on while in flight...right.

Color on the fault line.

"Sleep Here When It Happens".

I attended a 2018 week-long photo session in Parkfield lead by Africa-based Piper MacKay and stayed in the lodge. The "Dust and Light" workshop was a fabulous experience. The Varian Family were outstanding hosts in every way.

Beach community truck. Morro Bay, CA.

Add a caption: Mine is "Well, That Did Not Work".

This is a view of The Central Valley, 100%. The shot is positioned on the Monterey/Fresno county line. The Sierras with snow caps lie faintly in the distance.

In the morning pass through, I noticed the banner announcing the evening holiday light parade in San Miguel. I opted in. Loved seeing Mr. Rabbit looking down the block before jumping into the cab.

A favorite on my Instagram scroll is Dina Litovsky, who has been capturing New York City at night with stunning results. I went after the technique in San Miguel (Pop. 2.817). Note: The Elkhorn Bar was busy on parade night.

Parade Queen.


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