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Thanksgiving - Yes on Social Distancing

The tired, sad refrain of social distancing is the driving factor for holiday activities. I chose US 395 with an eye on the snow forecasts. Clear sailing this 2020 Thanksgiving Weekend. Still lots of color in the Sierras, muted and telling of the season.

Experimental day on Sunday which slowed my return home. No problem. This is a 600mm shot of Owens Lake from the ridge (Sierra Glen) across the valley.

Experimental night photography at the base of Shandon Chapel.

Beaver Full Moon this month. This was last stop on the way home...Shandon Chapel.

Esmeralda County, NV. The wind was blowing on this guy.

"The One That Got Away". This was one of four golden eagles of comparable size . I spotted one landing on the desert floor, looked and then saw four working on a meal. They dispersed as a I reached for my camera.

Photo challenge: Better focus, faster shutterspeed, panning during the soar.

Monetize! Fire sale in Trump Country.

The shores of Owens Lake is where I had a zoom call with loved ones on Thanksgiving. It was windy as can be when the call was starting. Fine grain sand everywhere.


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